MCA Early Education is a Christ-centered, play-based program designed to foster growth for the whole child.


From morning assembly to Bible lessons to biblical approaches for behavior management, every aspect of our program reflects our Christian faith. We seek to instill in children a love of worship, an understanding of our need for a Savior, and a deep compassion for others. Some highlights of our program include:
Jesus Storybook Bible to guide morning assembly
– Rev. Paul Tripp’s “Culture of Grace” approach toward behavior management
– Positive Action Bible curriculum

PLAY-BASED curriculum

We emphasize the process of learning and discovery over the product. Research proves that through play, children acquire the foundations for reading, writing, and logical thinking. Our goal is to support children in their active explorations and instill confidence in them as independent and inquisitive learners. We provide a safe environment, rich in developmentally-appropriate materials and experiences, where we invite children to explore and take risks.

designed to foster growth for the WHOLE CHILD

MCA teachers incorporate holistic learning activities and measure growth across every domain (spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual). Assessment includes quarterly reports as well as a student portfolio, which displays the individual developmental process of a child through work samples, teacher observations, and photographs.


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At MCA, we believe an education should be more than just knowing the ABC’s and 123’s. Preschool and Pre-K monitor children’s development across all domains via quarterly progress reports, and kindergarten sends home quarterly and mid-quarterly report cards. All Early Ed classes compile student work samples into a portfolio that offers further evidence of student growth across each domain.

From morning assembly to play-based learning centers, our faith is central to all we do at MCA Early Ed. We begin every morning with a praise and worship time, followed by a lesson from the Jesus Storybook Bible.

Every classroom shares a daily Bible lesson, and teachers work to incorporate biblical concepts in every part of the day. Staff exemplify the love and compassion of Christ and seek to cultivate the same in their students.


By age 3 or 4, children are less dependent on concrete ideas and more able to think and imagine beyond what is seen. We give children room to explore and imagine by incorporating daily learning centers designed to stimulate imagining, problem-solving, and higher-order thinking.


Classroom activities involve various tools aimed at fine motor development. Children button, zip, squeeze, peel, and pinch to strengthen finger and hand muscles and to develop pre-writing skills.

Teachers also monitor gross motor development and provide ample opportunity through daily recess/movement time, active classroom transitions, and song and dance time.


Free play gives children the opportunity to interact with their peers, and collaborative activities invite children to problem-solve and communicate with a new person.

Teachers model and guide conflict-resolution, teaching how to love those who hurt us, how to extend forgiveness, and how to ask for grace.


Children who come to MCA already speaking and understanding English are challenged to take their language to the next level: asking and answer questions in complete sentences, describing their feelings, explaining their thinking, etc.

Some children come to MCA more comfortable in their native language than in English. We strive to invite children’s home languages into the classroom while building a bridge for them to take part in the English-speaking community.



Our Classes

MCA classes are designed to offer a safe and stimulating environment to all learners.  Small class size is a vital part of the MCA Early Ed program, and teachers offer a variety of learning experiences to differentiate for the unique strengths and abilities of their learners.

Months Old
Class Size


Children play in a vibrant and stimulating environment designed to introduce them to the school environment.

Months Old
Class Size


Through hands-on experiences, students construct knowledge to deepen their understanding of God’s world.

Months Old
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MCA kindergarten incorporates elements of play while introducing children to elementary academics.